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Group of Actors Perform a Movement Piece in a Circle with Chairs


"Teamwork begins by building trust. And the only way to do that is to overcome our need for invulnerability."
–Patrick Lencioni

Artistic Collaborations: Projects


9 in the Morning by Jacob Henry is a 20-minute, one-woman show featuring a revolutionary (and inaugural) use of bone-conducting headphones to invite the audience into the mind of our character only known as "Woman". In a small room, and in a short time, audience members are enthralled as mysteries unfold. 


The Spider and the Fly, choreographed by Kris Olsen for Flatlands Dance Theatre, is an interdisciplinary movement and voice piece based on the 1829 poem by Mary Howitt. Using live instrumentation, the poem's text, and a juxtaposition of historical and contemporary costuming, Olsen brings to life the excitement and fear of what it means to be a fly in the 21st century.


Collected stories by Donald Margulies "confronts the prominent short-story writer Ruth Steiner with her student turned confidante turned competitor Lisa Morrison. What is new here is that the women are teacher and student both in academia and in life, that they come from different social milieus, and that for her first novel, Lisa has also cannibalized Ruth's experiences, to wit her youthful, shattering affair with the poet Delmore Schwartz."


Yellow, based on the 1892 short story The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins-Gilman, is an exploration of a woman's internal life when the lights go off and the world fades away. Loneliness and being alone are two different things, but they can be experienced in tandem. How do we cope with loneliness? How do we manage our wild imaginations when our musings have nowhere to go? Who can we turn to for the "real truth", and what does "real" even mean?

Yellow is an interdisciplinary performance piece using music, movement, visual art (paint and chalk) to create a unique storytelling experience. The life of the character "Woman" is explored through visual representation originally built using Anne Bogart and Mary Overlie's Viewpoints system. The original composition was created in the live/work studios along with the original structure of the piece. Much of the creation was iterative through the public First Friday Art Trail series and private showings of the work. 

The chalk writing on the wall is as fleeting as the woman's sanity as she tries to discover herself through internal and external modes inspired by my studies with Third Rail Projects.

Artistic Collaborations: News
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